Interview with…

Porter Nelson

Hi, I’m Porter Nelson, one of the protagonists in The Cochabamba Conspiracy and Chita Quest. I am a Pulitzer winning investigative journalist and all-round nosy s.o.b. Lieutenant Colonel Tom Callahan and his Australian-born wife, Colleen, are the main stars. Tom’s a shit-hot Air Force fighter pilot and Colleen, well, in my somewhat turgid prose she would be described as smart, statuesque, blonde and beautiful—with the emphasis on the smart with a doctorate in international economics to prove it.

Tom saves my life in the opening chapters of Cochabamba and changes the lives of thousands of people, especially me.

Cochabamba will thrill you and chill you. Lots of good flying scenes (I told you Tom was a great pilot!), mixed with international intrigue, action, Latin culture, great locations that you’ve never heard of before, and just a smidgen of sexual skullduggery.

We have an entirely different situation in Chita Quest. Here the emphasis is on Tom Callahan and his family. Of course, this all blows up into a major international event. Tom simply wants to discover what happened to his father who was shot down at the end of the Vietnam War and is still listed as Missing in Action. He enlists his younger brother, Brian, a former USAF pilot and Wall Street genius, and heads off to Asia. Colleen Callahan and Brian’s wife, Elizabeth, stay behind and are attacked by persons unknown.

I fly to Asia via Germany and eventually catch up with the Callahans in China. I try to dissuade Tom from what I consider to be a foolhardy and possibly suicidal venture. Of course, he won’t listen and proceeds to do exactly what he wants to do—that’s why he is the protagonist and I’m only a secondary character!

Gotta go now. I’m meeting the Callahans, Colonel Brice Adams and his wife, Ruhi Talebreza Adams (they are major characters in Brinn’s third book) and the gang for a wine tour in California. It starts at Brice’s vinyards and wanders through the northern part of the state over to Ukiah and the Seebass Vinyards. It’s going to be an epic vacation!


Colleen Callahan

G’day! I’m Colleen O’Kelly Callahan, wife, mother, athlete, and economist—but mostly I serve as advisor and “sea-anchor” for my husband who has a tendency to dive into the most amazing adventures! And to think, there I was at a pub in Sydney celebrating my new job modeling in London when this Yank chappie swooped in, punched out my ex-boyfriend and swept me off my feet (I hate that cliche’)…anyhow, the rest is history. Tom and I have traveled all over the world doing extraordinary things. I haven’t totally enjoyed the bits where people were shooting at me but I guess that comes with being a Callahan.


Brian Callahan

I make my entrance in Chita Quest. The best part of “The Quest” is my meeting Elizabeth– I get the girl in this book! I tried telling Tom how much better looking I am than him and got thumped (again) by Colleen. Later, I am shamed into helping Tom investigate what happened to our father so many years ago. We head off to Asia with me serving as Sancho Panza to Tom’s Don Quixote in an astounding quest. I get to see my big brother in an entirely new light on this journey. I wouldn’t have missed it! Beats the hell out of selling stocks on Wall Street!

Tom Callahan

Hi, I’m Tom Callahan, the protagonist in Cochabamba Conspiracy and Chita Quest. Or, I guess I should say, one of the protagonists. My oh, so lovely wife, Colleen, figures in there as does our good friend Porter Nelson. Just as meeting Colleen changed my life for the good, meeting Porter changed my life– sometimes for the good, sometimes not so good!

In the Cochabamba Conspiracy, Colleen and I are ripped from our very-close-to-comfortable lives in Arizona where I was set to take command of a F-15 squadron and sent to La Paz, Bolivia where I’ll be the new Air Force Section Chief in the U.S. Military Group-Bolivia. There we meet Porter and everything goes downhill from there!

Only kidding. We meet some great folks– the Navy Section Commander and his lovely wife become our best friends as do the Army Section Chief and his wife. Then everything goes downhill. Seriously. Downhill.

I tried to make things go smoothly but Brinn had something else entirely in mind. Eventually, I had to take over and work things through.

Much the same in Chita Quest. Colleen and I are settled down in Georgetown– She’s at the World Bank and I’m at the White House– and Porter once again raises a spectre for me to unravel. Colleen and I  go through some painful moments, lots of tears, and are forced to deal with demons that threaten our family.

I recommend you pick up a copy of both books. Anyone who enjoys intrigue, action, geo-politics or travel should find somethings interesting and worthwhile in the books. Brinn is bringing us back in book three, Homeland Burning. But it features the Callahan family, though in true Brinn Colenda fashion, it is out of sequence. That’s all I can say for now. Stay tuned and stay in touch!